Friday, April 24, 2009

Ferocious Fifi!

So you already met the sassy Sabrina at The Elegant Thrifter, but get to know her sassy gal pal Fifi. Oh she's a fine specimen of a Hooch Bag, filled with a ton of cash, a gallery map of Paris and a nice-old nip of Absinthe. They say too much of the sauce will make your crazy, but Fifi, like her pal Sabrina, are good time gals ready for a night on the town. Oh they're pretty gals, but look inside their stash and you might just flip your wig!

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Old Bags, New Tricks!

My girls were on parade last week at the Miraval Living Retail Therapy show coordinated by Grace Group and my gre at pal Nancy Berger. They wriggled, they jiggled, and they giggled for four days until many of them go picked up and toted away.

So Long Sonya! Later Lola! Ta Ta Petula! and Goodbye Dolly! Oh, it's sad to see my gals go, but they'll be back soon enough -- after a little nip and tuck to keep them looking good.

I've got a whole new hard-working crew ready to take the stage, but until then, feast your eyes upon last week's extravaganza, and the gorgeous stage effects and sexy hangtags that my set producer Eagle Eye Elliott created.

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