Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lady in Red

Red says romance, mystery, vivaciousness and naughtiness -- at least in this Hooch Bag I created for my pal Eleanor's birthday. The flowered purse is innocent enough as is the vintage Hallmark scarf, but just look inside this party gal's loot and you'll see another side that's usually kept under wraps. Why, what's she doing with all that funny money, the (candy) cigarettes and that nip of vodka?

Whoa, did I get an earful. I should have know better than to ask!

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Always Frugal, Always Fabulous!

The Elegant Thrifter

Friday, March 19, 2010

From Badness to Goodness

When I met this Hooch Bag, her name was Brenda. And let me tell you she was full of badness -- booze, pills and...never you mind. Why, it's a wonder she wasn't locked up in the clinker for all the naughtiness she's played part in. But mysteriously, she had a change of ways when it was decided that she was to become the gift of a five-year-old. She went into the Hooch Bag Protection program, changed her name to...well...I can't say, and has transformed herself from a bawdy old bag into a shimmery example of sweetness.

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The Elegant Thrifter

Friday, March 5, 2010

Major Transformations

When you're planning a getaway with your besties, (or beasties....which ever term fits), a naughty-but-nice Hooch Bag -- packed with maybe some mood altering candy pills, a wad of funny money, some chewing gum cigarettes and even a discrete nip -- might be just what the doctor ordered to get the party pumping.

That's exactly what a high roller from Michigan had in mind when she picked up a few of my loaded ladies for a girls-only getaway to Miami. Oh, this Michigan Madame, or MM for short, is a big spender and carted off several of my hard-working beauties. I'll tell you more about her purchases later, if she's not already in the slammer. For now, here's the tale of how in less than 24 hours a golden goddess named Ingrid changed her alias two times -- from Ingrid to Claire and then Claire to, well, a name I cannot disclose for fear of ....well... I'd rather not say.

Hey, when they're payin', my high kickers'll go by any name they want!

She started out as Ingrid, a beaded dazzler packed with chewing gum cigarettes, a ton of funny money and a nip of port. Oh, and hidden in there is also a red pipe. Hey, I don't ask 'em what they're smoking. It's none of my bees wax. But MM decided to keep Ingrid for herself,

MM then asked me if I might send along the enchanting Marilyn as well. I can totally see Marilyn's allure with her toxic mix of happy pills and vodka all wrapped up in golden goodness. But as luck would have it, I had to inform MM that Marilyn had flown the coop.

I told MM, however, that I had an innocent pretty by the name of Claire who hadn't beenhooched up. I sent sent her the picture above, saying that I could tart her up to make her look like Marilyn.

And here's how she turned out. Like I said, I can't reveal her name, or else....

What I can say is that these shimmering lovelies are flying high to the Midwest en route to some bawdy badness in the Florida sun.

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Always Frugal, Always Fabulous!

The Elegant Thrifter

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Golden Goddesses

Here are just a couple of golden gals before they get all hooched up for a night on the town with a bag full of funny money, a discrete nip, some candy cigarettes and a vintage surprise.

I've called this piece of shiney, leather goodness Vanessa since I met her. She's tired of hanging out with me and the other gals and is ready for a good time!

Claire thinks she's French, but I doubt it. She was made in the 1960s for a shop called Goubaud de Paris, but her "After Six" Made in the USA label gives her away. (Snooty New Yorkers!)

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The Elegant Thrifter

White Hot

Once again, I'm showing off some before photos of my Hooch Bags. After they get filled with a ton of funny money, a nip of booze, some packages of candy cigarettes and a vintage surprise, these hard working gals will be ready for a night on the town.

This patent Meyers bag for Saks Fifth Avenue appears to be the peak of chic-ness, but it wouldn't take much to transform her into the peak of freak-ness!

I've called this Susan Gail Original Lulu since I met her. And she is a lulu. But like my other lovely ladies, she'll change her name for the right offer.

This beaded and sequined Richere bag by Walborg appears as innocent as a spring flower. I won't tell you what she's been up to over the winter!

This Jorelle number is French....need I say more?

Oh she's all wrapped up in beads and sequins, but this gorgeous gal from the 1960s gets funky once the sun goes down.

This shimmery, white beaded La Regale bag from the 1960s is a perfect foil for what could be her racy contents!

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Always Frugal, Always Fabulous

The Elegant Thrifter

Black Beauties

My gals don't come out very often unless they're all hooched up with a ton of funny money, a nip of the hard stuff and a vintage surprise, but here are some of my lovelies just looking for the right person to snap them up.

Even without their naughty-but-nice wrappings, my beauties are anything but Plain Janes.

Now this satin bag from the 1960s has been going by the name of Jackie. She'll change it in a flash since her identity is difficult to verify.

This glamorous, 1950s velvet clutch by Garay is is chic and demure....but once she hits the town all bets are off.

This vintage velvet MM clutch from the 40s is understated...until you fill her deep pockets with a bunch of hooch and a ton of funny money.

Oh she's a looker, but we can't tell how old she is. Is it the lift or the lack of identity?

Ain't she a dame? This 1960s beaded lady will turn some heads.

You've had a special preview of my Hooch Bags without all their trimmings. If you'd like one of these black beauties all hooched up just for you or for someone special, email me at

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Always Frugal, Always Fabulous,

The Elegant Thrifter

Good-Time Gals Ready to Go!

These gals are working hard to find a new home. They're tired of being cooped up and are all hooched up with candy cigarettes, a nip of booze and a vintage surprise, ready for a night on the town. They appear under their aliases, but will change their names -- for the right price.

You've met Ingrid before. She's a saucy gal covered in bugle beads. She's not really a vintage bag, but she's a partier and it shows.

Sofia is a true collectable. Her metal frame was made by Rodo for Bergdorf-Goodman in the 1960s. She's got a story to tell. Just give her a nip and she'll gab all night long.

Bianca has partied it up in her day. It's hard to tell how old she is, but her Whiting & Davis gold mesh frame is in mint condition and possibly from the 1960s. Just give her a smoke and a shot of tequilla and she's yours!

Any of these shimmery sexies catch your eye? Want to find out more? I'd be delighted to fill you in on my lovelies if you'd email me at And be sure to come visit me at The Elegant Thrifter.

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The Elegant Thrifter

Friday, January 22, 2010

Bawdy and Beaded!

Ingrid isn't so much a vintage bag, but I can tell you she's been around the block a few times. Why, just look how she's showing off her nip of tequila and a wad of bills. But then there's the prissy fan and the black-and-white mid-century photographs stuffed inside. Is there more to this bawdy and beaded character than meets the eye.

What I think we can all agree is that Ingrid cleans up well for birthdays, special occasions, and of course, Valentine's Day. And she's looking for someone to take her off my hands. Oh she's got a price, for sure. Just email me at and I'll tell the real story!

Always Frugal, Always Fabulous!

Friday, January 15, 2010

A Golden Girl

Marilyn, Marilyn, what can I say about you, you vivacious, vintage gold lamé goddess. I packed you up for a friend's momentous birthday and you filled up on pills, booze, cigarettes!

Oh I know you have a naughty side. Why, you can't even keep your necklace straight. But you certainly make a nice gift for the saucy gal inside everyone.

Welcome to the ranks of The Hooch Bag!

Always Frugal, Always Fabulous!

I can customize a Hooch Bag for you or a special occasion -- Mother's Day, Valentine's Day or even a wedding party. Just remember, The Elegant Thrifter doesn't have a liquor license so the nip is just a serving suggestion! Email me at