Friday, March 19, 2010

From Badness to Goodness

When I met this Hooch Bag, her name was Brenda. And let me tell you she was full of badness -- booze, pills and...never you mind. Why, it's a wonder she wasn't locked up in the clinker for all the naughtiness she's played part in. But mysteriously, she had a change of ways when it was decided that she was to become the gift of a five-year-old. She went into the Hooch Bag Protection program, changed her name to...well...I can't say, and has transformed herself from a bawdy old bag into a shimmery example of sweetness.

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Always Frugal, Always Fabulous!

The Elegant Thrifter

Friday, March 5, 2010

Major Transformations

When you're planning a getaway with your besties, (or beasties....which ever term fits), a naughty-but-nice Hooch Bag -- packed with maybe some mood altering candy pills, a wad of funny money, some chewing gum cigarettes and even a discrete nip -- might be just what the doctor ordered to get the party pumping.

That's exactly what a high roller from Michigan had in mind when she picked up a few of my loaded ladies for a girls-only getaway to Miami. Oh, this Michigan Madame, or MM for short, is a big spender and carted off several of my hard-working beauties. I'll tell you more about her purchases later, if she's not already in the slammer. For now, here's the tale of how in less than 24 hours a golden goddess named Ingrid changed her alias two times -- from Ingrid to Claire and then Claire to, well, a name I cannot disclose for fear of ....well... I'd rather not say.

Hey, when they're payin', my high kickers'll go by any name they want!

She started out as Ingrid, a beaded dazzler packed with chewing gum cigarettes, a ton of funny money and a nip of port. Oh, and hidden in there is also a red pipe. Hey, I don't ask 'em what they're smoking. It's none of my bees wax. But MM decided to keep Ingrid for herself,

MM then asked me if I might send along the enchanting Marilyn as well. I can totally see Marilyn's allure with her toxic mix of happy pills and vodka all wrapped up in golden goodness. But as luck would have it, I had to inform MM that Marilyn had flown the coop.

I told MM, however, that I had an innocent pretty by the name of Claire who hadn't beenhooched up. I sent sent her the picture above, saying that I could tart her up to make her look like Marilyn.

And here's how she turned out. Like I said, I can't reveal her name, or else....

What I can say is that these shimmering lovelies are flying high to the Midwest en route to some bawdy badness in the Florida sun.

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Always Frugal, Always Fabulous!

The Elegant Thrifter