Friday, February 13, 2009

Shimmy Shimmy!

If you venture out to Dumbo tomorrow to see The Elegant Thrifter at The Brooklyn Flea's Pop-Up Market it's guaranteed that you'll be treated to a trio of shimmering ladies who are in the process of getting the final touches of all their hoochiness for tomorrow's fabulous festivities. 

When you get a bunch of glamor gals in the same room, there's bound to be a bunch of "bitchin' and a pissin' and a  moanin'", as the legendary Dolly Parton puts it, and this one centers around stage names. Two glittery gold clutches want to be Marilyns, and I can see why. But you can't have two legends in one show, so I'll let them scratch it out. 

But Donnatella is spot-on even before she's had a nip of vodka, a ciggie or two and a handful of happy pills.  Oh, It's gonna be a spectacle -- for sure! 

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