Wednesday, February 17, 2010

White Hot

Once again, I'm showing off some before photos of my Hooch Bags. After they get filled with a ton of funny money, a nip of booze, some packages of candy cigarettes and a vintage surprise, these hard working gals will be ready for a night on the town.

This patent Meyers bag for Saks Fifth Avenue appears to be the peak of chic-ness, but it wouldn't take much to transform her into the peak of freak-ness!

I've called this Susan Gail Original Lulu since I met her. And she is a lulu. But like my other lovely ladies, she'll change her name for the right offer.

This beaded and sequined Richere bag by Walborg appears as innocent as a spring flower. I won't tell you what she's been up to over the winter!

This Jorelle number is French....need I say more?

Oh she's all wrapped up in beads and sequins, but this gorgeous gal from the 1960s gets funky once the sun goes down.

This shimmery, white beaded La Regale bag from the 1960s is a perfect foil for what could be her racy contents!

If one of these white, hot ladies catches your eye, let me know at And be sure to visit me at The Elegant Thrifter.

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