Friday, November 20, 2009

Hellooo Valerie!

Oh my! Valerie is off the chain!

When I went about creating a hostess gift for Cheryl Maedor of Gardenhouse who hosted a fab event in West Palm Beach last week for The Find: The Housing Works Book of Decorating With Thrift Shop Treasures, Flea Market Objects, and Vintage Details, all I had to do was open my wardrobe trunk full of
vintage handbags for another Hooch Bag creation!

She looks all innocent and proper from the exterior -- her chic Parisian frame crafted especially for Saks Fifth Avenue back in the day. And why, she is even sporting a vintage Pierre Cardin scarf. But release her dainty clasp -- and woaaaah -- you discover she's a party gal packed with on-the-go margaritas, maraschino cherries, a TGI Fridays cocktail shaker, packs of candy cigarettes and a cordial glass to boot.

When it gets messy, she has a rain bonnet from Simmons Funeral Home in Kansas City, Kansas; if it's too hot, she's got a fan; and if she's looking for a travel destination, there's a 1940s brochure about Ponte Verdra on the Florida Coast.

Let's just say this daring lady is ready for anything!

If you'd like a Hooch Bag for a gift or special occasion, send me an email at

The holidays are on their way!

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  1. I've just discovered you, Mr Hooch! And boy, do I love this blog. I can't resist a vintage evening bag (thrifted, of course); and my 22 yr old loves any vintage bag (thrifted, of course). I love the hooch idea. We used to do similar gifts using our hand-decorated paper bags; they would be filled with bath salts or oils, a magazine (used) and a bottle of something, and we called them our "Spa Night" bags! Gotta follow!!